• Analysis of Project Requirements
    At the stage of software engineering process the company identifies the set of tasks or needs that are to be solved with the software and also determine the way of their realization. Requirements analysis helps to remove numerous problems at the stage of software engineering. This analysis is a perfect way of communicating with customers and developing team. Specialists of Expera Dev can employ techniques in order to elicit requirements from the customer.
  • Analysis and Database Engineering
    While engineering the database structure in accordance with the customer’s requirements, the developer takes into account possibilities of further database modifications and optimization processes. She/he also ensures rapid resource development due to its correct and logical structure.
  • Web Engineering and Web Development
    A complex approach is an important issue for successful project realization. The Expera Dev Company consists of highly experienced programmers, designers, web layout designers, copywriters, and SEO-specialists. Together we create full-featured web sites, website catalogues, promo sites, eCommerce websites and web portals.
  • Making Website Mobile
    One of the modern trend of Internet development is the usage of cell phones or tablets for Internet surfing. Mobile version of your website will help to “conquer” mobile Internet space.
  • Applications Engineering and Development
    Enriching experience in engineering different kinds of applied software, professional skills of developers, quality, reliability, flexibility of applied applications – all these and even more we can propose to our clients. Customized software, i.e. reporting programs, aggregation programs, automation programs, calculation programs, accounting programs are ideal for optimization, automation, and modernization various business processes.
  • Web design
    Attractive design is the essential component of the qualitative product. The Expera Dev software team develops creative, distinctive, state of the art design that will not affect the website download speed and the overall website usability. Cross-browser layout and programming will help to omit problems with website displaying at various monitor resolutions and website displaying in different browsers.
  • SEO and website promotion
    Expera Dev will perform site audit and propose the most acceptable strategy for its promotion in order to be on the first pages of endless search results as the website should be acceptable not only for Internet users but for search engines as well. Taking into consideration SEO analysis, highly qualified managers of Expera Dev gather up appropriate marketing tools for effective website promotion.
  • Writing Technical Documentation
    When developing software, Expera Dev can provide the customer with product description manual, user’s manual and set of documents with detailed description of software product functionality.
  • Data Center
    Currently, we’re observing the tendency to transferring multiple tasks of company’s big data crunching into specialized data centers. Expera Dev Data Center provides services in dedicated servers, VPS, hosting, and collocation.
  • Domain Names Registrations and Support
    Expera Dev offers complex solutions for web sites, i.e. “design + web site + hosting + SEO”. The company also provides service in domain names registrations and domains support.
  • Information Network Engineering and Company Structure Development
    Based on audit results in informational and organizational structures of corporate customer, Expera Dev will conduct range of works for further development and information system implementation.